In Ottawa

Getting ready for a life changing experience

Weather in Ottawa is very different when it goes from summer to winter, and that’s why it is important to bring a variety of clothing with you. It is more than useful to bring personal items that can make you feel at home. Pictures, souvenirs and books in your own language can also be a good idea if ever you feel far away from home.

When organizing your documents for the airports, don’t forget to bring your passport, a proof of your medical insurance (card will be issued on arrival, receipt for payment is proof) and your bank cards. This way, you’ll reduce your stress when passing the customs and the security. Do not forget to stay calm and polite while entering the country, it’s great to feel excited, but many precaution and security standards has to be taken into consideration before arriving.

Signs will guide you in the airport, make sure to follow them, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The airport staff are there to ensure your satisfaction and security! If you have a connecting flight, make sure to get to your gate as soon as possible so that everything runs smoothly.

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