In Ottawa

Winter is not a reason to stay at home!

Ottawa offers many exciting activities during winter! There are plenty of activities to do outdoors and indoors during this wonderful season. You have to try catching as many snowflakes with your tongue as possible or building a snowman at least once in your life. Here is a list of some of these many activities.

Skating is one of Canadians favorite sports. Here are two of many places where you can skate. First, skating for free on the largest naturally frozen skating rink in the world, Rideau Canal Skateway, is a must. If the ice conditions don’t allow you skating there, you should head to the Sens Rink of Dreams. We also suggest you to go tobogganing on Carlington Park Ski Hill. If you like skiing or snowboarding or if you want to try, Camp Fortune is fifteen minutes away for downtown Ottawa. Don’t miss Winterlude festival which takes place in Ottawa from February 1st until February 18th 2019. Walking around the stunning and lit up Confederation Park is a great option if you don’t feel like staying at home.

Before welcoming spring, you have to eat a sugary breakfast at Fulton’s Pancake House.

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