De La Salle

De La Salle Public
secondary school

De La Salle Public secondary school enables students to exercise their passion for the arts every day. The school provides a full academic program that focuses on the following three fundamental areas: Values, Intellect and Engagement.

The Values component aims at developing student awareness. Intellect refers to the interdisciplinary of the various subjects in the Ministry of Education’s curricula; it meets the learning needs of each student through pedagogical differentiation, while developing the student’s logical, critical and creative thinking.

Student engagement refers to the desire and motivation to work for and with the community. To become eligible for admission to the Centre, students must demonstrate superior intellectual aptitude.

DLS highlights

  • The Enrichment Center at DLS will help you learn more about yourself and guide you to become a greater leader.
  • DLS offers a program focus on art where you will be mentored by professionals in this specific field.
  • Many activities and sports are offered :  Choir, dance, music, volleyball, basketball and much more!
  • Located in the heart of Ottawa, many theater works in cooperation with the art scene and DLS.

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The big theme of Louis-Riel is sport. The school’s best-known sports facility, the Dome@Louis-Riel, is one of North America’s largest training facilities.


Interested by an International Baccalaureate? You will want to study here! The beautiful campus is located in a green suburb of Ottawa, characterized by the typical North American architectural style.



Voici quelques commentaires des élèves internationaux où ils nous racontent leurs expériences. Les mêmes questions ont été posées à chaque de nos trois élèves venus de pays différents, par contre [...]

  • In my home country, everything is small and compact, and here it is huge. There are big sports clubs, people have t-shirts with the name of their school and teachers are very nice. If you have a problem, you can go see them.

    Adèle, Grade 12 student
  • The cultural diversity that I found here is great! I did not know that Canada had plenty of people from everywhere, and the Canadian community is different than my country’s. It is very different. I love it!

    Kenzo, Grade 12 student
  • Ottawa is a very safe city. I can take the bus and go where I want without any problem.

    Belinda, Grade 11 student
  • I think I am going to have fun here; I am going to adapt and have a good education.

    Mac Fred, Grade 11 student
  • Choose this program to learn new things, new cultures; to meet a lot of people from all over the world, it's great!

    Adèle, Grade 12 student

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