In my home country, everything is small and compact, and here it is huge. There are big sports clubs, people have t-shirts with the name of their school and teachers are very nice. If you have a problem, you can go see them. Choose this program to learn new things, new cultures; to meet a lot of people from all over the world, it is a great!

Adèle, Grade 12 student

The cultural diversity that I found here is great! I did not know that Canada had plenty of people from everywhere, and the Canadian community is different than my country’s. It is very different. I love it!

Kenzo, Grade 12 student

Ottawa is a very safe city. I can take the bus and go where I want without any problem.

Belinda, Grade 11 student

I think I am going to have fun here; I am going to adapt and have a good education.

Mac Fred, Grade 11 student