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PhoneBox is a Canadian wireless phone company offering affordable mobility plans on 4G LTE networks, powered by Rogers and Telus. We provide a SIM card with a Canadian phone number before or upon students’ arrivals. Arriving students will be able to talk with their families and friends and access mobile data as soon as they land in Canada. We have helped tens of thousands of students every year to communicate with their families and friends in home countries since 2011.

Why PhoneBox?

  • FREE Shipping to your homeland or place you will be staying in Canada
  • GET a Canadian Phone Number in advance prior to arriving in Canada
  • No Contract (Services 100% Guaranteed)
  • No Activation and Cancellation fee
  • International Credit Card(Students or Parents) accepted
  • Vacation Plan up to 6 months
  • Multiple Languages Supported(English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, German)

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!!

Call Toll free:  1-855-886-0505



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