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Louis-Riel Public secondary school

Louis-Riel Public secondary school is a dynamic institution with effective teaching, a structured educational support program and access to all kinds of cultural and sports activities. Training for students is solid and demanding, and it has specialized programs that place an emphasis on the students’ desire to learn and succeed.


This program is for young athletes who would like to be able to practise their sport on a daily basis using the latest technology at one of the largest training facilities in North America, the Louis-Riel Dome. The program is noted for its academic structure and support, and for the skill and professionalism of its teachers and coaches.

Middle school

Students in grades 7 and 8 are provided with a wide range of classroom and extracurricular activities to develop their skills and explore their interests with a view to preparing them properly for high school. The sport exploration program enables them to further develop their physical and sports skills by taking part in a variety of workshops, field trips and activities such as climbing, cycling, trampoline, skiing and many other activities. Students who enroll in the sport-exploration program are presented with unbelievable and unforgettable challenges and experiences.

Specialist High Skills Major (SHMS)

Louis-Riel offers a Specialist High Skills Major in Transportation to students who wish to develop the essential skills and working habits required to work in this field. Qualified teachers have access to a well-equipped auto mechanics shop to introduce students to the transportation sector and to occupational opportunities available in transportation.


  • A healthy, safe and reassuring learning environment
  • Cooperative Education Program and Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)
  • Activities for everyone: improv team, Tech-Riel, student radio, Express Étudiant – the student newspaper, theatre, band, visual arts, chess club, cultural trips and much more
  • Sports for everyone: Soccer, football, ice hockey, tennis, skiing, golf, ice skating, track and field, volleyball, basketball, sport-exploration program (for students in grades 7 and 8)
  • The L-R Dome: one of the largest training facilities in North America
  • A certified trainer from FC Barcelona working with us!