Application Process

Application Process

Online Application


Manual Application Process

To apply, you must fill out these following forms and send them to

  1. International student application form

  2. Agreement-CEPEO-Parents-Students

  3. Student profile

  4. Letter of Recommendation

  5. Student immunization

  6. Immunization vaccines record

  7. Use and release of identifiable personal information

  8. Administrative Fee – Non refundable: C$300


Below is the list of required documents to be included with each application. 

  1. Copy of transcripts from 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 (The Fall transcripts for 2020-2021 will be needed at a later date.)
  2. Translated and certified copies of above-mentioned transcripts
  3. Official attestation or certificate regarding French level (if available)
  4. Copy of birth certificate
  5. Copy of passport (picture page)
  6. Vaccination records
  7. An introduction letter from the student, 250 to 500 words, preferably written in French
  8. Color photograph of student (head and shoulders only)
  9. Student’s Skype ID number – please submit with the application form

Please note that we need the student’s Skype ID so that we can set up a short, informal interview with them. We will provide you with a date and available time when we reach that step in the registration process. The interview will take place once we have gone through the application. A decision regarding acceptance will then take place and we will issue the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and the invoice at that time. If you have any questions, please let us know.

*We also ask you not to register directly with the school and to allow our international office to deal with you directly regarding the application, acceptance and invoicing.  

An acknowledgement of receipt, confirming the stage at which the application has reached, is sent within 48 hrs following the date in which we received the required documents.

If the application is complete, a number will be attributed to the file which will then be assigned to an academic evaluator who will transmit his or her recommendations to the Director of the program within 3 business days.

Send your application to:


Obtaining an initial letter of acceptance from CEPEO

Once Step 1 is completed, the $300 CAD fees are paid and the student’s application has been accepted, their representative will receive a conditional letter of acceptance which will specify the name of the school, the program and the approved grade level, followed by an invoice for school fees and medical insurance.


*Feel free to communicate with a CEPEO representative at the following email: in order to obtain more information regarding your application.


Once the representative has submitted the admissions document, he must submit all documents related to accommodation with Homestay and legal guardianship to the CEPEO. Please note that CEPEO works with two partners in terms of Homestay. You have to complete ONLY the documents of one of these partners. You will find their fees on the School Fees web page.

Canada Homestay Network

    1. Homestay Student Application form (PDF) (If Homestay is acting as the legal guardian, representing the interests of the child in Canada, they will also issue a notarized Custodianship Declaration of their own.)
    2. The student’s representative must submit a notarized Custodianship Declaration from Canada Homestay Network if the latter is acting as their legal guardian.
    3. Homestay’s Student Participation Agreement form (PDF)
    4. Homestay’s Consent and Release form (PDF)



    1. Cas Services application (PDF)
    2. The student’s representative must submit a notarized Custodianship Declaration from CAS Services if the latter is acting as their legal guardian.


If the student will be residing with a family member or someone who is designated by the family while living in Canada, their representative will have to submit a notarized Citizenship and Immigration Canada Custodianship Declaration form signed by the parents in the country of origin and by the legal representative they have chosen in Canada.

Before moving on to Step 3 (obtaining a study permit in Canada), the representative must be sure he submitted all documents related to accommodation with Homestay and legal guardianship to the CEPEO:

Obtaining a study permit in Canada

Once a student receives the letter of acceptance from the CEPEO they will need to apply for a study permit for Canada.

The time needed to process a study permit application may vary from one visa office to another and could take several weeks to several months. It is therefore very important to submit the study permit application as soon as possible once the student’s file is complete (registration to the CEPEO, accommodation and legal guardianship).

The CEPEO has no influence whatsoever in regard to neither the study permit application process nor the time it takes to be issued.

Once the permit has been issued, the student’s representative must submit a scanned copy to the CEPEO via email.

Note : A student may not begin classes in their approved program in any school within the CEPEO unless a copy of their study permit has been submitted.

Payment of tuition fees and medical insurance


Payment of the administrative fees, the academic fees and the medical insurance are made through the Flywire platform, our trusted partner.

If you wish to pay in any other way, please communicate it to

Note : A student may not begin classes in their approved program in any school within the CEPEO unless tuition fees and medical insurance for the relevant semester  have not been paid.

  • In my home country, everything is small and compact, and here it is huge. There are big sports clubs, people have t-shirts with the name of their school and teachers are very nice. If you have a problem, you can go see them.

    Adèle, Grade 12 student
  • The cultural diversity that I found here is great! I did not know that Canada had plenty of people from everywhere, and the Canadian community is different than my country’s. It is very different. I love it!

    Kenzo, Grade 12 student
  • Ottawa is a very safe city. I can take the bus and go where I want without any problem.

    Belinda, Grade 11 student
  • I think I am going to have fun here; I am going to adapt and have a good education.

    Mac Fred, Grade 11 student
  • Choose this program to learn new things, new cultures; to meet a lot of people from all over the world, it's great!

    Adèle, Grade 12 student

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